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How is the intersection of Data Science and Social Media shaping business?

Owing to the pandemic, the usage of social media has increased by several folds. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that Data Science plays quite a significant role in social media and has altered the impact and importance of analytics in this space. In the coming years, the significance of social media in business development is only going to grow and we are already seeing many popular job skills like digital marketing specialists, social media analysts, AI architects, machine learning engineers and others. Now would be the ideal time for industry professionals to explore collision between data science and social media and upskill for the same.

From shaping business strategies, assisting in scientific and medical research, product development, and marketing optimization, the correlation of Data Science and social media is repeatedly demonstrated. With social media analytics and big data analytics, it is easy more than ever to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns, and create contextualized, personalized ads and content based on customer sentiment.

With the intersection of data analytics and social media, the companies are also able to uncover trends in real-time and use these competitive insights to inform their decision making, minimize business risks.

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