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Effective Learning Tips For A Data Science Boot Camp

With Python becoming the lingua franca for Data Science AI & ML, it is the foundation of our boot camps. It is applicable and best practice to cover ground on Python for participants who want to brush up or for participants who are beginners. The participants will learn the best coding practices and work in powerful Python-based ecosystems.

Years ago, Data science was, as a subject rather amorphous and being a Data Scientist was just using analytical skills onto an excel sheet to get presentable data. However, now with advancements in technology, what couldn't have been possible 5 years ago, is possible today. For example, Facebook has remained one of the most popular case studies in the ever-evolving world of Data Science. Now, Facebook uses deep learning for facial recognition and text analysis which was not possible a couple of years back. Technology has evolved and this continual dynamic progress in tech has one hunger for more knowledge to stay updated and relevant.

Boot-camps are tailored for both working individuals and students who wish to pursue and excel in Data Science.

There has been a proliferation in the types of courses offered today which is based on the interdisciplinary nature of Data Science as a subject. With all the options available and varied price/curriculum, it is extremely difficult to compare one program/course versus another.So, how does one choose the right course? As an analyst to progress in your career path or a student who wishes to delve into the depths of Data Science, here are few valuable tips to consider with your decision making in choosing the best course:

  1. Have a clear goal

    Having established the fact that Data Science is the subject of interest, one must have a clear goal towards achieving it. Yes, everyone wants a unicorn but is that what you want, or are you looking to just improve on modeling and scripting is your choice. Based on the goals, choose your Data Science boot-camp according to the skills that are offered towards achieving your goal.

  2. Programming Skills/Language and Tools

    Once the goal is set, it is about choosing what are the right tools/languages and skills that would land your dream job or promotion. With the varied number of Data Science courses online one can easily get distracted. At its core, Data Science is like a different universe in itself. A software developer would want software development skills, a deep data learner would want to hoop on Hadoop clusters. The route a Data Scientist would choose will ultimately depend on their domain. Do your own research online, read case studies and use cases to determine what skills are widely used for your domain of interest or you can contact our counselor to help you in the journey of Data Science.

  3. Setting Timelines Professional/Student

    You can choose Self-Paced Learning which has its own advantages, Virtual Classroom Learning or decide to pursue a part-time Classroom Session learning methodology. It is essential each of the methodologies has a robust LMS to keep track of timelines and knowledge transfer. Since a majority of participants are working individuals and some college pursuing students it can get stressful. You have to be prepared to completely get engulfed in a subject like Data Science. It is important to set a plan, make a time table, follow up on doubts and complete assignments on time. Here are some tips to succeed if you are in a Virtual Classroom Learning Method.

  4. Way ahead in Data Science Career

    After acquiring required skills and a Globally Recognized Certificate (or an equivalent credential):

    1. Make/update a compelling portfolio or a resume by listing out your programming skills and Data Science projects you have built or contributed to.
    2. Get hands-on experience with independent and interactive projects. There are various publicly available datasets that you can get creative with. If real-time streams of data pique your fancy, go ahead, utilize web-scraping tools with Python to create datasets.
    3. Building connections by joining Data Science communities and sharing knowledge or asking engaging questions in community discussions.

To summarize, this blog recommends key steps to get maximum benefits out of a Data Science Boot Camp. Passion, perseverance and analytical thinking are what it takes to complete a Data Science Boot Camp.

Skill Sigma offers World's most aspired Python & Data Science courses and boot camps to help Data Scientists and students excel in their respective domains.



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