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Consumer Data Analytics and Social Identity Challenges

Industry 4.0 is looking at every God's Creation as a Data Point. Human Beings are a not exception to this - they are a datapoint for the Healthcare Industry as a patient, they are a datapoint for a Retail Industry as a Consumer, they are a datapoint for the Education Industry as a prospect and every Industry Individual has an exposure to is looking at the Individual as a Datapoint.

There is a serious metamorphosis of the social Identity of an individual not just because they are active on the Social Media like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter but also because they have downloaded an App from the Play Store and used an App to look at Furniture. Suddenly there are serious retail predators that know your needs and they send targeted emails to you. Now, do we have the time to go through the irrelevant emails and then find the relevant messages? Behind all your excitement for convenient consumerism, is there a huge invisible back office that is monitoring you?

As already mentioned, we are all data points. Our data is being mined, our data is being analysed - now they know that you don't like shopping from ShopClues instead you prefer FLIPKART, indirectly you have created interest in Flipkart for WALMART. There is a science that is integrated to the Analysis of the Data and it is engineered in such a way that the more the spectrum of utility the more information you are giving to the vultures. Here the analysts use Data Science, integrate the core fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics to enable their customer identify you as their prospective Consumer.

As quoted in the movie Spiderman, 'With Great Power comes Great Responsibility' and with our power of convenience come challenges of preserving our own identity. With all the Data Analytics, gamification, Pattern Recognition through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning apart from the Data Science interpretation individuals are more exposed to Identity theft challenges now than ever before in the History of Mankind.



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