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How LinkedIn uses Big Data to customise your experience?

What over 700M people on board, and a host of tangible integrals on their profiles such as employment, skills, interests, educations, etc., adding meaning to connections and improvising what a user experiences on the platform, is one of the biggest problems that LinkedIn solves by deploying Big Data through various intelligent APIs.

These APIs are responsible for mining the variables on LinkedIn's massive ocean of profiles. Right from connection recommendations to jobs one might be interested in, these APIs track each metric carefully and use them to provide a personalized experience on the platform.

Besides these metrics, LinkedIn also uses the Big Data APIs to help companies use features such as Sales Navigator to connect with a laser targeted base of profiles that fit your business requirements. Also, Big Data is a major signifier in who sees the sponsored posts, from which region, country, job profile, and company size.

With a large database and pool of inputs, comes the challenge and responsibility of managing a pool of data with numerous variables. All this and more, make Data Science even more intriguing in solving real-time problems, to target better, to make business decisions and make a good user experience, overall.

Sounds magical? All this is possible with Data Science & Big Data. Enroll in our award-winning courses with industry experts and master the art of data in a few months.



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