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How Data Science is playing a big role in higher Education

Data science is an ever-growing discipline impacting various domains, including higher education. Today, several academic institutions are incorporating data science into their operations and educational curriculum as it helps engage students, improve educational outcomes and placement records, and boost faculty productivity and research opportunities.

Improves completion rates

Advanced analytics and predictive models help in bringing down the dropout rates by evaluating the high-risk students and taking precautionary measures. Data Science helps the institutions identify students who are most likely to leave, enabling them to come up with the best strategy to reduce the risk of students dropping out. Also, the model warns the educator if a student is likely to score a poor grade, therefore enabling them to create a study plan.

Helps recruit prospective students

Data science is used to determine prospective students and develop marketing strategies that get them to enrol. The strategies help the institutions to expand their geographic reach, find students with similar characteristics as of their current students among many other benefits.

Accelerates fundraising through alumni donors

Data science helps find interesting insights like age, income, college majors, home values, and class reunion attendance to identify potential alumni donors. According to the research, donors with high-level alumni are more likely to donate more or volunteer their services.

Enables institutions to offer industry-relevant data science education

Data science helps educators train future data scientists to acquire skills that translate well in the job market. The growing demand for data experts is increasing data science investment through degree and diploma programs, projects, and research. This results in quality education and boosts the reputation of the institution for supplying skilled data scientists to the industry.

Data science is changing the way the educational institutions operate and it is only expected to grow with time.

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