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Django is a Python Web framework that fasters rapid development

Django is a Python Web framework that fosters rapid development and pragmatic design, designed by professional developers, it takes care of much of the web development hassle.

The stability, efficiency, and community of the Django project have grown tremendously in the last decade since the development of the system. Comprehensive guides and best practices are accessible readily on the internet and in books. With each update, the architecture continues to incorporate new features such as database migrations.

Django's model uses a powerful ORM layer that simplifies the handling of database and data and accelerates the process of development.

Without Object-Relational-Mapping, developers will need to build the tables themselves and describe the queries or procedures that often translate into the vast amount of SQL that is prone to be complicated and difficult to monitor.

The ORM layer allows you to write all table descriptions in simple python code, and it is capable of translating them into the correct query language chosen, as well as facilitating the CRUD process.

The developer does not actually need to know the complex SQL entirely or what it translates to, but it should be noted that SQL understanding will allow you to write better and faster.


Speed :

Django was designed to help developers quickly take applications from idea to completion.

Security :

Django takes security to heart and helps developers prevent several common security errors.

Scalability :

Many of the busiest websites utilize Django’s ability to scale quickly and flexibly.

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