The most sort after career today is in the field of Data Science. Data has become a single most essential aspect in a lot of industries today.

Let us find out the Top 5 Data Science applications and learn how they are reshaping different industries.

Fraud and Risk Detection
One of the first industries that felt the requirement of data scientists a necessity was finance. Finance companies were very susceptible to fraud, bad debts, and losses. They also had a lot of data collected that could help them. With the help of Data Scientists, they were able to analyze the data produced and help with risk detection. They used customer profiling, past expenditures, and other essential variables to analyze the probabilities of risk and default.

Digital Advertising
One of the biggest users of Data Science is the field of digital advertisement. Data Science algorithms have completely changed the way advertisements were viewed. With the use of data science algorithms, digital advertisements have become personalized and targeted.

One of the industries gaining the most from data science is healthcare. Data Science makes procedures, like medical image analysis, easier and errorless. Data Science techniques also help with the integration of a variety of data with genomic data in medical research. This provides a deeper understanding of human DNA in medical research.

Internet Search
This is one of the primary uses of data science algorithms. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, all use these algorithms to optimize their search and provide the best results in a fraction of seconds.

Airline Route Planning
Airlines, across the globe, tend to be vulnerable to losses. Therefore airlines have been using data science to strategically plan and analyze data that can lead to improvements in their daily functions. With the use of data science, airlines are able to predict flight delays and plan routes optimally.

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