Python is one of the most popular and fastest growing programming languages in current times. It is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language that supports both object-oriented programming and structured programming. Before learning any programming language, it is important to understand how to learn. It is very much applicable to Python as well. As the language evolves, libraries are created, and tools are upgraded. Hence, knowing how to learn will help you to keep up with these changes and become a successful programmer.

Below are a few learning strategies for the beginners, what will help in successful learning and programming.

Code everyday
Commit to code every day as memory plays a large part in programming. Coding every day will develop memory. Start small with 25 minutes every day and work your way up from there.

Write it out
Take notes by hand for long-term retention. It will be helpful during interviews as most of them involve writing code on a whiteboard. Writing by hand helps you plan your code before you move to the computer and also saves a lot of time.

Take breaks
Take a short break every 25 minutes for an effective study session, particularly when you are taking in a lot of new information. It is important when you are debugging as fresh eyes help in figuring out what is going wrong.

Practice debugging
Once you start writing complex programs, you will run into bugs in your code. To become a pro in debugging, it is important to not let the bugs frustrate you and have a methodological approach to find where things are breaking down.

Pair Program
Pair Program involves two developers working at one workstation to complete a task, one being the driver and the other navigator. The driver writes the code and the navigator helps in problem-solving and reviews the code as it is written. Practice as both the driver and the navigator to get the benefit of both sides.

Build a project
Python practice projects help you become confident with Python and also develop memory. You can start off with something as simple as a number guessing game, simple calculator app etc. Most of the learning happens during this process as you learn to solve many problems.

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