DevOps is a group of activities in which software development (Dev) and IT (Ops) operations are integrated. This aims at shortening the life cycle of the applications production and delivering high product quality.

The major benefits offered by DevOps are Speed, Rapid Delivery, Reliability ,Security and Improved Collaboration.

Here are the key trends in the field of DevOps…

Streamline DevOps Workflow Complexity

With microservices and CI / CD toolchains evolving, focus has been put on designing and leveraging several different tools to solve small tasks distributed through specific parallel workflows.

SQL will speed up the development process

Organizations can standardize the entire data processing system around SQL. Developers and data scientists should focus on SQL for all types of data processing tools, be it online operating systems, offline batch analytics or streaming platforms.

Organisations will verify & refine the scale of DevOps tool

DevOps teams that implement these tools, which automate quick data intake, use Machine Learning to analyze the data, and have the ability to leverage information for automation or decision-making. The Artificial Intelligence Ops industry has also gained traction, with the use of ML and data sciences as part of their work by 22 percent of IT firms.

Minimum Coding is the New Norm

DevOps teams will fasten their feedback process in testing.The use of minimum- to no-code development software has been gradually explored. More people now have the ability to participate in the development of software and apps, which fasten the overall process.

DevOps is revolutionizing the way we deploy apps and services. This is changing the community, creating a need for more diverse skill sets and being rapidly embraced in IT industries around the world.

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