In today’s world where there is the talk of global slowdown one profession that is still reporting high demand, high salaries, and high job satisfaction is that of a Data Scientist. A data scientist is expected to be an expert in programming, communication and problem-solving. Let us delve into some of the essentials in the making of a data scientist.

Critical thinking
Data scientists need to successfully sieve essential data from the plethora of data available to enable the company to take a call which would be critical to solving the problem and planning for the future.

Programming Language
Writing code and handling a variety of programming tasks is an important aspect of the job of a data scientist. They need to be comfortable with large volumes of data, cloud computing, unstructured data, and also working with statistical models.

Math and Statistics
The data scientist also needs to excel at mathematics and statistics so as to provide trustworthy recommendations from the available big data and also having an ability to collaborate closely with the business executives and generate confidence in conclusions derived.

Machine learning, deep learning, AI
With increased computing power, connectivity, and huge volumes of data being collected, a data scientist needs to stay in front of the curve in research and technology. They need to have a thorough understanding of the problem in hand, the computational cost to the ecosystem, and interpretability. Therefore, a constant up-gradation to new technology becomes a requirement.

To run an enterprise successfully requires integration between systems, applications, data and people and this makes communication skills of utmost importance. Effective communication between the different stakeholders is a key attribute of a data scientist.

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