TypeScript, the programming language developed by Microsoft is quite popular with developers across the world. Released in the year 2012, TypeScript now ranks 12th in the first quarter of RedMonk’s semiannual rankings. It jumped from number 16 to number 12, just behind Apple’s programming language Swift which has been tracked as the fastest-growing programming language ever.

“TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and benefits from its proximity. However, the features alone are not enough to propel a language this far this quickly. Typescript is leveraged by a wide base of growing projects which explains TypeScript’s trajectory is significant and sustainable,” explains RedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady.

This programming language is now widely used among all major applications. The increasingly popular frameworks like Angular and Vue are written in TypeScript. Here are some popular advantages of TypeScript.

• TypeScript gives access to ES6 and ES7 features, before they become supported by major browsers
• It has an ability to compile down to a version of JavaScript that runs on all browsers
• Has a great tooling support with IntelliSense

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