Mentorship Program

Learning is joyful when it’s personalised. We are trying to bring to you the same through the digital gurukul.
After years of surveys, analysis and opinions, we have designed a new age skilling model. Skill Sigma’s Mentorship model facilitates learning the technology of your choice from our panel of expert DigimentorsTM.

Step 1

Did you get trained in-class or online on any technology area? Was it fulfilling, are you still not clear on some areas of the topic. Simply share your technology training plan with us.


Simply logon to our courses and chose a topic of liking/interest. Do not want to access or learn the whole course and only clarify and strengthen on particular topics. Choose the course, shortlist the topics with us.

Step 2

One of our Digimentors will exclusively work with on designing a learning plan for you.

Mentoring hours can be bought on the number of MentorHoursTM. Upto you to buy a single hour, weekly package, monthly package.

Step 3

Choose the hours, agree on a convenient or flexi time with one of our mentors. Setup the payment.

You are all set to get started on personalized journey full of learning.

That is not all… this whole learning experience is completely online. The choice of place may it be home, work, hotel is upto you. All you need is a system that supports the software and a connection to internet.

Come join us and experience Five Star First Class Learning handcrafted for you.

Disclaimer: Mentorship skill model is only an effort from Skill Sigma to provide you a personal learning experience from the chosen course. For mentoring and support on business scenarios, work based technology clarifications please contact our team for specific consulting services.