Data Science has become an increasingly competitive field. To stand out among the numerous applicants, it is important for you to make an impactful first impression. A well written and relevant resume does the job for you.  Writing a resume can be a daunting task and is surely challenging when there is a pressure of growing competition. In this blog, we will run you through a few tips which will help you grab the attention of your potential employer.

  1. Keep it short and relevant: No employer will have more than 30 seconds for one resume. There are high chances that your resume gets tossed out if it is more than a page filled with irrelevant information. Boil down your experience information into points so it is easily scannable.
  2. Customise your resume for the specific data science job: Forwarding the same resume to all the employers is a common practice. A few tweaks in your resume like adding small details here and there in accordance to the job description would certainly impress the recruiter.
  3. Company-specific projects: If you are a student planning to get into Data Science market, you may want to do a specific project that has direct relevance to the job or the company you’re applying for. Pick up some relevant project and make your way into the dream job.
  4. Core competencies: Include the list of your core competencies and the tasks you have completed to achieve them. Refer to the data science courses outline to use as a foundation for your information
  5. Error-free resume: You may have the potential to be an ideal candidate. However, a single grammatical error can be a red flag and may affect your chances of getting hired. Share your resume with a friend who can proofread it for you before sending it to the employers.

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