A job consumes 8 to 10 hours of your day. A career spans over a significant bracket of time on your life’s time-line. Now, when such a conspicuous fact about one’s career is universally understood, the struggle with the core decision of the work making one ‘happy’ or ‘dull’ is invariably followed. How do you analyse the observations and ensure you take significant steps post that?

Here are some major POINTERS that signal your Career to be at a stand-still:

1. Your work doesn’t excite you as it did
The tasks at hand reduce to a mere checklist and your motivation to meet challenges head on has become a thing of the past.

2. Your strongest skills are not utilised
Your strengths, which are the core of your personality, are seldom used to finish the tasks. Be it creative or technical skills, your own strength feels foreign to you now.

3. Lack of value of your role
Your role and the work you do is not valued or recognised by the company

4. Unable to find oppurtunities of advancement
The oppurtunity for you to climb the career ladder never surface as there don’t seem to be any sight of advancement in your field, both skill wise and on a monetary basis.

Now, understanding your stand on the above points, practising the following steps might help gain clarity:

1. Realign strengths and job skills
Have a keen understanding of your best skills and align them with a job role specific to them as a core and other strengths you hold.

2. Network proactively
Develop a rapport of communication with associates who show a prospect of growth and network actively on varied grounds.

3. Share your accomplishments
Showcase your core belief and strength with zeal. Share your successes and lessons with confidence and gusto that leaves an impression.

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks
View a risk as an oppurtunity rather than an uncertainty. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from pursuing an idea with potential.

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