Data analytics is an extensive field. Four key data analytics types are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Each category has a specific purpose in the process of analyzing the data which are also the main applications of business data analytics.

Hiring data analysts to understand how much and the range of data they generate and collect is on the rise. Working out actionable responses from data has become a key business ability. Big data is collected by all kinds of organizations and utilised to make or improve decisions. Companies in fields as diverse as B2B and B2C exchange, healthcare, manufacturing and marketing all use data analytics to boost their performance.

With the industry trends evolving and ever changing, it is imperative for organizations to adapt to these changes and also grow. With emerging trends like Real Time Data Processing, Adoption of New Technologies, Identification of Use Cases, and the need for Predictive Analysis; opportunities for Data Analysis Professionals also boost.

Comprehension of Data Value Chain

Extensive knowledge and understanding of each step in the data value chain makes the entire process and concepts more clear and easier to apply.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are already needed but improving these skills ensure that a data analytics professional can effectively present or explain the analytics and their inputs to their team.

Improve Data Visualization Skills

A basic skill but crucial, visualization and grasp of strong concepts allows the professional to understand the information better and even pass the inputs effectively.

Learn key skill areas of Python, SQL and Data Visualization, needed to become a top notch Data Analytics Professional at SkillSigma.

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