With several files and folders on our desktop, we all wish for a miracle to happen. A miracle to make our desktop clean and organised. For accurate analysis, it is important to keep your data organised, always. 

Microsoft excel sheets or Google sheets are commonly used to store data. If you’re collecting your data and revising it in the same sheet, then you’re doing it wrong. Have multiple sheets from the time you start collecting your data and have the final accurate data.

  1. Once you collect the data, store it in your sheets and do not correct them. It should remain untouched and replicate your paper-based forms which you might have used while collecting the data.
  2. Now, make a copy of the data you have collected. This copy is used to check for all the mistakes and make it error-free. When you are done with the cleaning process of the data, you can now make an identical copy of the same and name it as final.
  3. Now that you have the final version, you can compare and see for the errors that are rectified and also cross check if there are any more errors that need to be corrected.
  4. Try and make a sheet to store your notes to keep a track of the changes and decisions you have made along the process. This makes it easy for you to explain the data to someone else.

The cleaning process can be tiresome and boring but what is more painful is spending hours on unorganised data and reaching no end. Once your data is organised, the analysis process becomes shorter and easy.