Artificial intelligence is a word that is often heard these days. People have a general understanding of it as a science of making intelligent machines, which are eventually going to radically change our lifestyle. Some see it as a blessing in disguise for future businesses whereas others see it as a threat to their jobs. In this article, we will discuss some of the challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

AI – human Interface
The biggest challenge faced by businesses today is to change the scope and structure of the human skills to get the maximum benefit from AI. There is an urgent need to match the Data Science skills to future needs when everything would be automated.

Building Trust
Artificial Intelligence is a highly te chnical field, based on huge data and algorithms, it is not easily adopted by businesses. They find it difficult to understand its mechanism and functioning and therefore have a natural resistance to it. It is indeed a challenge to convince them, that AI can cut down the menial work and greatly benefit their businesses.

Another challenge for AI is the reluctance of business owners and organizations to invest in it as the initial investment is very high and the perceived benefits are not easily understood by them.

Software Malfunction
In the advent of software or hardware crashes, it would require the expertise of a data science expert to resolve it and make it difficult to fix the blame.

Since the advent of AI, people have unrealistic expectations from it. It is true that all tasks, minute or gigantic can be managed by Artificial Intelligence but it will certainly require human supervision. It is more of a tool to enhance the productivity and efficiency of an average worker.

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