Spotify is one of the best music streaming industry and is known for its continuous improvement and innovation to enhance the user’s music experience. The secret of its success is the efficient use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data to give a personalized experience to its listeners.

Spotify is known to use AI and machine learning algorithm to know your music preferences, streaming history or even how many times you have heard a particular song. It uses this information to give you an updated playlist. It even monitors whether you are listening to the whole song or just skipping through it. It also dissects the music by beats per minute, style and the type of voices to create a personalized listening experience for its listeners.

Spotify uses AI and machine learning to create shared models representing the data and uses it in many different applications to finetune the user’s experience.

Machine Learning Algorithm (BaRT) to build a playlist

Spotify uses Machine learning algorithms to check if you heard the song for more than 30 seconds to determine your interest. It uses this information to select similar songs and uilds your taste profile. In Spotify, BaRT is used to predict a wide range of different shelves and possible recommendations related to the recent listening history.

Use of Search bars to determine the user’s taste
The ranking model trained on search interaction logs apply different yardsticks like the search items popularity, the similarity of the item to the user’s taste and the distance between the prefixed query and the matched item to determine the user’s taste.

Finetuning the playlist
Spotify has millions of playlists where they are continuously filtering out songs using Word2Vec type algorithm. It uses a group of related models to get a cloud of similarities between playlists, tracks, and artists and tries to map their similarities and match it to the user’s taste.

Thus, Spotify has effectively built a team of data scientists, data engineers, and user researchers to successfully give a world-class music experience.

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