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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with Python

The number of data science professionals in US alone would be around 700,000 by 2020.
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Full Stack Development with Java

Become a project ready full stack developer.
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Mastering IT – Career Enhancement Program

Learn about programming, DBMS, OS, AI, ML and personal development.
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Oracle 12c SQL Database Programining

Create your career as a database programmer, opening a world of opportunities into Database, Cloud and Virtualization.
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C Programming

Allocation of memory with the help of pointers. File management system for the persistent operations.
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Python Programming

Expert program on Python programming, world’s leading programming language.
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Data Science Essentials

Course is a mix of science, information technology and industry domain information.
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Web Development with Angular

Upgrade an existing application from AngularJS to Angular 5 over time by running both frameworks.
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Java & J2EE

We can understand purpose using object oriented behaviour of programming.
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Oracle 12c Architecture

Oracle database administration and get going with your career on one of the highest paying job roles in the IT industry.
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