Establishing a successful startup requires the right concoction of a variety of elements—come up with a viable long-term idea, acquire secure funding, and obviously produce a market-ready product and most importantly choose an efficient programming language. While the other factors are variable, Python has become the most accepted programming language among startups. Here is why Python is being endorsed as the best programming language for a startup.

Popular and user-friendly
Python is easy to learn, easy to use, explicit, intuitive, and well-structured and therefore exceedingly popular. This means that startups will be able to find good developers with ease.

A large community of supporters
The gaining popularity of Python also means that it has a large community of supporters. This means that a startup will have readily-accessible support for any type of complexity it bumps into.

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Versatile and efficient
Python is extremely versatile and efficient as it works on all platforms–Windows, macOS, or Linux. This allows testing out of ideas quicker when compared to other programming languages.

Requires fewer developers
In comparison with other languages, Python does not require a large number of developers to create a good-quality product. This helps keep the team small, which is essential for a startup because a small team equates to lesser expenses.

Faster earning and greater profit
It is essential for startups to grow rapidly, and get their product into the market promptly. Python, because of its simplicity, popularity, and versatility helps a startup overcome the obstacles they face at a faster pace. This helps startups earn faster and garner greater profit!

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