R programming language is a leading Data Science technology. It is ranked as the most preferred language by the data scientists. R stands in the first position when compared to the five most popular programming languages used by the data analysts around the world. Over the past five years, R is the most preferred language because of its rich set of visualisation features and built-in functionalities.

Better Jobs, Attractive Salaries: Learning R programming language helps you take your career to the next level. R is the highest paid IT skills that will find you jobs like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst and Financial Analyst.

Interactive Web Apps: R helps you build interactive web applications that are quite attractive and have impressive dashboard designs. This is possible because of a package called shiny which is specifically built for this purpose. You can create stunning web apps directly from your data analysis software.

Comprehensive Library: R provides packages for Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Imputation and many others. Mention a package and R springs it out for you. You can also create your own package with R open source community.

Business Tycoons Using R: R is a popular programming language and is widely used by all the top most companies for their various uses. The programming language R is used by Facebook for behavioural analysis which includes status updates and profile pictures. Google uses it for economic forecasting, while Twitter uses R for data visualisation.

Stunning visualisation: R is popularly known for its great visualisation. It provides packages such as ggplot2, ggvis and plotly which create print-quality graphs. Hence, R is widely used in pharma companies which use high-quality graphs.

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